I’m always in a hurry. The usual is “I have a meeting in 5 minutes”, “I can fit that in at 2:00 on Tuesday”, and so on. On the other hand, I’m oftentimes heard saying “at the end of the day, it’s all about relationships”. In all my busyness, I need to keep in mind that I need to take care of my relationships by making sure that I am available when friends and family need me. Over the course of a friendship, friends will need each other at different times, sometimes more than others. A healthy relationship will balance out in the long run, and it takes both parties making an effort. I was once again reminded that I should not take anything, or more importantly anyone for granted, by the mass shooting in Las Vegas. I will always want “one more day” or “one more time” with the special people in my life but I don’t want to miss an opportunity while you are here, my friends and family!

Someone recently commented to me that I am very self-confident. I laughed out loud – literally. I am definitely a work in progress when it comes to self-confidence. I have learned and apparently am pretty good at faking it. Until I can demonstrate true self-confidence, I fake it. When I do this, I am sending a message to my inner self: “See, this is what it looks like.” Today I will encourage my strength to come out and show itself. In those not so confident moments I will continue to fake it til I make it.

I read something recently that suggested that I say out loud, “I am wonderful just as I am right now.” Honestly, I have a difficult time saying that. I would have to add “… but wait, I need to lose weight” or “…but my hair…” It’s time to embrace the wonderfulness of me, God’s child, with no limitations. No buts about it. No haughtiness. No arrogance. So today I will repeat, “I am wonderful just as I am right now” until I can say it without the buts. #soblessed

I’m realizing lately that I have thoughts that should be ignored. Not every battle that comes across my path is a battle I’m supposed to fight. Many battles are simply distractions to try to lure me off course. I can’t and shouldn’t try to straighten everyone else out or win their approval. Today I will free myself from seeing every battle as mine to fight. The word for my day is “focus”. The dictionary definition of focus as a verb is “(of a person or their eyes) adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly”. Oh that today I may see clearly. :-)

Sometimes I feel helpless. Usually this feeling washes over me when all around me seems to be in turmoil. People I care about are going through frustrating or overwhelming times, the news is as the news is and so on and so on. Sometimes I allow the feeling of helplessness to take over so much that I don’t feel capable. It’s at this very low ebb that something happens or someone says or does something that reminds me that I am capable. I can run my own life. I may need to ask for assistance or encouragement sometimes, but I am not helpless. I don’t need to act helpless. I can feel the sense of power that comes with taking charge and running my own life the way I see fit. It doesn’t happen easily. I have to intentionally decide to move forward and not let inertia take over. Oftentimes it is in doing one small thing for someone else that empowers me once more. Looking for a little good thing that I can do (action) turns the tide of wallowing (inaction) into a day that looks much more hopeful.

Did you know that you can limit your life by dwelling on the wrong things? I’m not going to bore you (or myself) with statistics of negative things impacting a person’s health but I believe it’s absolutely true. If you live in the negative – dwelling on what’s wrong in the world and in your life – the manifestation will be physical. Your energy will be low, at the very least. I’m not saying to be a “Pollyanna”. I’m saying to not dwell in the negative. My father used to say that if you lay down to go to bed and can’t get something off your mind, get up and do something about it. If it’s something you can’t do anything about, don’t dwell there. Turn your thoughts to the blessings in your life and think on those things. The night’s rest will certainly be better for it.

Sometimes I think I may be my own enemy – perhaps I should use a morphed version of a very old humorous phrase by Walt Kelly – my version is “I have met the enemy and it is me”. My energy is low recently (putting it mildly). I could, of course, list all sorts of reasons that MIGHT be at least part of the problem. If I’m honest (really don’t wanna be but I’ll do it anyway) I know that this lack of zip in my doo da is primarily because I put junk into my body and expect to feel good. This afternoon, instead of whining about how tired I am, I’m going to slowly add in more fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet. I know from experience what’s going to happen. My energy levels are going to improve. I remember reading somewhere that “knowing thyself” is a sign of personal intelligence. I’m thinking maybe some that read this might want to travel the personal intelligence path.

I have decided to make a change beginning tomorrow. I can’t start until tomorrow because it’s a morning change that I will make. Every evening I set my alarm on my phone to wake me at 5:20 a.m. even though I have no intention of getting up until 6:05. Every 9 minutes my alarm sounds. It’s not an obnoxious sounding alarm but I am asking myself “why do you do that?” My days are often not gentle or tranquil, to put it mildly. I have decided that starting tomorrow I will wake up gently and quietly, starting my day in a tranquil way. I will set my alarm clock to its gentle sound setting to wake me 10 minutes earlier than I need to wake. From now on I will not hit the snooze but have extra time to begin my day in a calm fashion. Even if circumstances (and, let’s face it, other people) will seem to set out to destroy my calm, I will intentionally seek to at least begin my day serenely.

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Here we go again — I let this blog go in 2018. Why? Time, writer’s block, etc. Even positive people get dragged down without even realizing it sometimes. With this blog I promise to offer practical tidbits on getting/staying positive. It’s not easy striving to be the positive version of yourself but, in my experience, it’s well worth it!