2019 and Beyond…


Do  you remember Buzz Lightyear? I think that Pixar character said, “To infinity and beyond!” I don’t know about all that – I’m thinking more in terms of the old quote (I think it’s from a song), “one day at a time, sweet Jesus”.

Sometimes I look too far down the road. Instead of thinking about what I can do today, I’m thinking about what can I achieve by the end of the year. Sometimes we have to do that for work purposes but I’m not sure that’s a great approach to the year generally. Why not narrow in on this week’s goal or even today’s goal?

I recently started a program through our health insurance for weight management. I worked out using my personal trainer given plan for the first time this past Saturday. My wonderfully perky and encouraging personal trainer assured me that this workout would take @ an hour. It ended up taking me an hour and twenty minutes because I had to figure out all over again how to set the machines and where I was going next (it’s circuit training). Usually that’s the way it is, in my experience. It’s really easy when there’s someone with you to guide you through the routine.

Instead of getting stressed out because I got home 20 minutes later, I am now considering that as time that I didn’t sit in front of the tv eating mindlessly. Come to think of it, any time that I even get to the gym and do anything, I’ve improved from that behavior. Woo hoo!

Here’s to 2019 and beyond – One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus!

Author: Toni Limbers

I am the Professional & Staff Development Manager for Steptoe & Johnson PLLC and director of music for Christ Episcopal Church. The content of this blog is mine and mine alone and is not intended to reflect on my employers' opinions or directives in any way. In real life I am a wife, mother and a MiMi.

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