Sometimes a change of scenery is needed. Even a day trip to a different part of the state or region can be refreshing. I’m going to set out after work with a tent and a couple of other items for an overnight at a not too far away resort. A campfire and no television sounds to me like the makings of a period of refreshing. I’m not making a weekend of it and actually have an appointment tomorrow afternoon in “civilization”. I read somewhere that a new place gives us new images and ideas to add to our reality. I’m thinking that at this point even refreshing the old images and ideas will be well worth the short drive and little bit of effort this brief respite requires.

Author: Toni Limbers

I am the Professional & Staff Development Manager for Steptoe & Johnson PLLC and director of music for Christ Episcopal Church. The content of this blog is mine and mine alone and is not intended to reflect on my employers' opinions or directives in any way. In real life I am a wife, mother and a MiMi.

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