Sometimes I feel helpless. Usually this feeling washes over me when all around me seems to be in turmoil. People I care about are going through frustrating or overwhelming times, the news is as the news is and so on and so on. Sometimes I allow the feeling of helplessness to take over so much that I don’t feel capable. It’s at this very low ebb that something happens or someone says or does something that reminds me that I am capable. I can run my own life. I may need to ask for assistance or encouragement sometimes, but I am not helpless. I don’t need to act helpless. I can feel the sense of power that comes with taking charge and running my own life the way I see fit. It doesn’t happen easily. I have to intentionally decide to move forward and not let inertia take over. Oftentimes it is in doing one small thing for someone else that empowers me once more. Looking for a little good thing that I can do (action) turns the tide of wallowing (inaction) into a day that looks much more hopeful.

Author: Toni Limbers

I am the Professional & Staff Development Manager for Steptoe & Johnson PLLC and director of music for Christ Episcopal Church. The content of this blog is mine and mine alone and is not intended to reflect on my employers' opinions or directives in any way. In real life I am a wife, mother and a MiMi.

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