Sometimes I think I may be my own enemy – perhaps I should use a morphed version of a very old humorous phrase by Walt Kelly – my version is “I have met the enemy and it is me”. My energy is low recently (putting it mildly). I could, of course, list all sorts of reasons that MIGHT be at least part of the problem. If I’m honest (really don’t wanna be but I’ll do it anyway) I know that this lack of zip in my doo da is primarily because I put junk into my body and expect to feel good. This afternoon, instead of whining about how tired I am, I’m going to slowly add in more fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet. I know from experience what’s going to happen. My energy levels are going to improve. I remember reading somewhere that “knowing thyself” is a sign of personal intelligence. I’m thinking maybe some that read this might want to travel the personal intelligence path.

Author: Toni Limbers

I am the Professional & Staff Development Manager for Steptoe & Johnson PLLC and director of music for Christ Episcopal Church. The content of this blog is mine and mine alone and is not intended to reflect on my employers' opinions or directives in any way. In real life I am a wife, mother and a MiMi.

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